Meet your photographer

Born April 25 in Oklahoma City, a 25 year Army Veteran, Damon Howard was inspired by his wife to begin photography. She told Damon he should get into photography since he enjoyed taking pictures. She bought his first flash photography studio and camera.

Damon says one of the funniest experiences as a photographer was when he was doing a photo shoot in Jacksonville. It was his first time in a studio with his peers. He was the rookie. He says he was trying to set up his lighting so he could shoot his model.  He had everything in place, everything set up, except he needed some weights for his light stand. The lights were his personal Einstein lighting system. He went over to the in-studio light stand and grabbed some weights. As soon as he turned away he heard a loud bang. Everything fell to the floor. He screamed! Expletives! He was embarrassed because when he initially walked in, he thought to himself “ I will not break anything, I have my own equipment to break.” Even though he felt bad the rest of the day, and thought constantly about having to pay for the lights he still got the images he hoped for.

Damon has been shooting professionally since 2013. He said he remembers his first shoot like it was yesterday. He has learned so much since then.

Some of his favorite photographers are Scott Kelby, Clay Cook and Urban photographer Al Cole. He enjoys all aspects of photography but portraits are his favorite. 



"Each day comes with 1,440 minutes. Within those, I'll capture a moment."